The Awesome Anglo-Saxon Experience is set in the beautiful, rural landscape of rolling hills, vast clear fields and ancient woodland of the Awesome Alkham Valley, in the Kent Downs.

Here is the ideal, peaceful and private environment to reconnect with nature, each other and to reconnect with the ancestry of the land.
Our family life, development and education has always been closely connected to outdoor experiences. As children, we would spend most of our free time out by the ponds, the banks of the little valley river, the magical trees of the arboretum, in the rolling hillside fields helping with baling in the blazing summer sun or in the ancient woods collecting kindle and logs for the fire. 
Now, we would love to share this stimulating outdoor experience with you.
This Experience strives to create an experience inspired by the ancient history that echoes in the valley to connect with our local ancestors who lived on this site over 2000 years ago.

We aim to personalise and tailor this experience according to your individual or small group needs and wishes, to select from a range of themed activities inspired by the Anglo-Saxon era. 
The cultural experience can range from a simple welcoming by a costumed host, to small group entertainment to re-enact history in a full day themed-event in collaboration with local historic groups and medieval enthusiasts.
We will offer visitors story-telling about the geographical history of the area, specifically the ancient river valley and to hear the story of the settlers, their Awesome Adventures and Horrible Histories, as learnt from archaeological finds in an Anglo-Saxon burial ground.
A guided walk on the perimeter of the farm fields into the ancient woodlands connects existing bridal paths alongside the river valley.  Visitors learn about wildlife and the identity of local species of trees that the Anglo-Saxons used. We will offer visitors to engage in conservation of the countryside and management of ancient woodland as practiced by our forefathers, such as coppicing and planting trees. 
We will offer specialised outdoor activities for visitors to practice Saxon skills of archery, wooden axe throwing and carving. People will be allowed to immerse themselves in traditional skills and activities such as bushcraft in making huts or weaving a daub and wattle hurdle. For culinary experiences, we offer fire lighting, building campfires and outdoor cooking. Visitors can also just relax and meditate under the canopy in a woodland hammock.